What's The Best Age For Baby Carrier Use?

Best Age for Baby Carrier?When it comes to everything baby, most mothers and dads are reading up on all the things they shouldn't and shouldn't do. Because so many products have changed over the last few decades and we are much more safety-conscious than our mothers and grandmothers were, handed-down advice isn't always the best advice.

Now grandmas, don't be offended. We know you did the best with what you had. We understand that the doctors gave you opium-derivative drugs for your baby, lead paint was normal for babies to chew on in their cribs, and it was OK to ride bikes without helmets. We are all just grateful to have survived.

Now, we know better, and it's very likely that 40 years from now our grandchildren will be appalled at some of the things we did. But, that story is yet to be told.

As for our original discourse, which was about getting educated in raising babies. There is tons of information about the do's and do not's of baby-raising and we'd be here for the better part of a month if we tried to explain it all, so we're going to concentrate on a common question.

What Age Should I Use A Baby Carrier?

Now, we're talking about baby's age, not yours – just so we're clear. Essentially, you can start using a baby carrier or baby carrier sling when your baby is a newborn. You just have to make sure what you're using is appropriate for the baby's age.

Most baby carriers are built for babies of certain ages and as they grow, the carrier specifics change to accommodate weight, size, movement levels, as well as carrying convenience. eBay has a nice little buying guide for baby carriers that is both practical and informative.

The important thing is to look at each baby carrier's guidelines and carrying protocols. Keeping baby safe is the most important factor. Most baby carrier makers put their products through specific and exhausting tests to make sure they are stand up to excessive use.

Buy the baby carrier that is suitable for your baby's age and you should be right as rain - as grandma would say.

HugaMonkey has baby carrier slings for baby's of all ages from infants to toddlers that are safe for both you and baby.

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