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Why Have Baby Carriers For Men?

Traditionally, moms have been the primary caregivers to baby while dads have concentrated on going to work and paying the bills. These days moms and dads are more likely to share or trade the tasks of childrearing and providing for the household. This means that modern dads may find themselves caring for the kids more often than our grandpas did.

Research shows the considerable benefits of having both parents actively involved in nurturing and caring for children. One way that helps dad participate more with baby and develop that special bond between father and child is using baby carriers for men.Baby Carriers For Men

There’s a substantial list to the benefits of using baby carriers in general, but for dads, there are some additional benefits. Perhaps the most significant benefit is simply the physical closeness that baby carriers for men provide. With pregnancy, moms develop an unbreakable physical bond with children.

Dads develop this bond after birth, which requires that dad hold or carry baby for significant amounts of time. Babies communicate and respond best to touch and so touch is especially important for dad. Baby carriers for men put baby and dad in close contact, thereby enabling physical communication and closeness.

However, when at home, dads often find themselves needing to take care of the house and yard duties or take care of odds and ends from work at home. All of the above activities obviously require having arms and hands available. Baby carriers for men also let dad take care of everything he needs to do while still being able to have baby close, even sharing activities with their child and solidifying their relationship with their little one.

Dad Need More Baby Time? Baby Carriers For Dad

Baby Carriers for DadHas dad been feeling jealous that mom gets all the baby time? Or has mom been feeling that maybe dad should take a little more baby time?! Either way, it is equally important for dads to spend time with baby and develop a relationship starting on day one.

Often a father’s work can keep him away from home and even when he has time at home, he may still feel pressured to fulfill other responsibilities. It may seem impossible to take the time to sit and hold baby, especially if baby is just going to sleep.

In this type of situation, baby carriers for dads afford the same benefits to dads as they do for busy moms: free hands and complete mobility. Baby carriers for dads allows daddy to gain some one-on-one time for a few hours even while he works at the computer, runs to the hardware store, or helps mom fold laundry.

The benefits? Much, much more baby time. And not just any kind of baby time. Baby carriers, especially slings, help babies feel the closeness of their parents: their heartbeat, their body heat, even their smell. This type of physical closeness translates into an emotional closeness that will keep babies and daddy's happy and healthy!

HugaMonkey has cool solid designs, ease-of-use, and accommodates the requirements for baby carriers for dad. Simple!

Baby Carriers For Bicycles - Which One Should You Get?

I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike! There's something just plain exhilarating about riding a bicycle. If this is an activity that you love to do, it's likely you'll want your baby to learn to enjoy it, too!Baby Carriers For Bicycles

You may have done some research to find the best baby carriers for bicycles already, or you may be just getting started. There are three main ways to transport your baby with you on a bike. Backpacks - Front and Back Carriers - Third Wheel Cycles or Trailers. We'll talk about each of these in just a moment.

But, first a safety check. Some states have laws that require a child to be at least one-year old before they can ride with you on a bike. You and your child may also be required to wear helmets. Check your state laws!

Second, regardless of which kind of baby carrier you get for your bike, baby is going to have to have some control over his head. Biking isn't exactly the smoothest activity regardless of how well the greenbelt is. You don't want to toss your newborn in until he isn't going to be at the mercy of the bumps on the road.

Now, on to the types of baby carriers for bicycles!

Backpacks or slings. There are risks to bike riding with a baby backpack - and in some states this is also forbidden. If this seems like a viable solution, you want to make sure you have a certain level of skill.

You'll be carrying more weight on your body; your center of gravity will be higher and harder to control; if you're both wearing helmets, you could bump each other; and if you happen to fall, the falling distance is going to be greater for the child and he may end up underneath you.

Not Just For Women Anymore - Baby Slings For Men

Mom just bought a baby sling and suddenly baby spends the day cuddled up against her while she goes shopping, takes the dog for a walk, and works at the computer. Dad feeling a little bit jealous? Not to worry, that’s why baby slings are not exclusive to women! In fact, there is a variety of baby slings for men!

baby slings for menYou may be wondering why you would need baby slings for men in the first place. You could just share with your wife. Hmm. Share with your wife. She hates it when you use her shampoo, take her towel, or even look at her laptop. Another obvious reason why you would need a baby sling for men is that dad might not want to compromise his manliness while sporting a pink polka dotted baby sling.

One caution that comes with using a baby sling is that if the sling is too large or loose for the wearer, then it can hurt baby. Especially in the first few months of infanthood it is essential that baby get the necessary head and back support. Naturally, mom and dad are a slightly different size and shape. Some baby slings accommodate differences in size and shape, but if mom and dad, or big brother, have a wide difference, you may find having a baby sling for men a practical necessity.

So, if dad needs a little more baby time (which is absolutely, positively, 100% recommended!) then baby slings for men can provide a way for him to conveniently and comfortably carry baby, too!

HugaMonkey baby slings are great for men and women alike. Made with versatility in mind for both men and women, our baby slings are comfortable, sturdy, and easy to use.

For Dad? Baby Carrier Musts

dad baby carrierMuch of baby literature online and offline is centered around mothers, and dad's are not necessarily neglected, but not usually a major part of baby-raising discussions. This includes getting baby stuff, too.

As you look around on the internet for baby clothes, bottles, diapers, accessories, or baby carriers, there's tons of pictures of women with babies, but a handful of men with babies. More with mom and dad and baby.

The need of men and women also make a difference in how things are made. Women tend to need more stuff than men do. Not all of them, but enough of them. Babies also require a lot of stuff, so no matter who's got baby, they're going to need that stuff.

Dad's are looking for simplicity. It's how they're wired. When dad's need a baby carrier, they'll likely look for the simplest design, with simple or plain patterns, little to no frills, and just enough space for baby and some essentials.

Actually, a perfect baby carrier for dad would be a baby sling. He can still carry a diaper bag if necessary, but one simple sling to carry baby is ideal. A one-piece baby sling is even better. No fuss, no muss.

So, if you're a dad, or thinking about getting dad a baby carrier, make sure it's simple and straightforward. Dad will love you for it!

Our [node:13,title"dad baby carriers"] were made with dad's in mind! Simple, one-piece, comfortable fabric makes these the perfect baby carrier for dad. 

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