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Shout the Deals from the Rooftops!

We are all money conscious, no matter our life situation. And when you have a baby, there is one thing after another that are on the "baby necessities" list. And THEN there are the things that we just want to buy! 

So whenever I find a deal, I want to share it with all the other moms out there. I mean, it's like HugaMonkey -- the price is right, free shipping, lots of colors, free returns -- It's just so exciting when you find something you need and it's the right price. 

For instance, I totally wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. Hooray for PPB Outlet sales! (Psst: there is one going on now.) I really wanted a new stroller, so I waltzed in to Babies R Us and used a 20% off coupon. I was looking the best diaper prices, and then there was Amazon Mom. I wanted a nice thermometer, but didn't want to spend a fortune. Thank heavens for other products from HugaMonkey

What about you? Share your thoughts and deals. Doncha just want to shout them from the rooftops? 

5 Things To Look For With Baby Carriers On Sale

Finding things, such as baby carriers, on sale can be a huge asset or a waste of savings. There are many reasons why baby carriers and other baby items are on sale, and not all of them are straightforward. As you search the sales racks in stores and online, consider these five things before you carriers on sale

Check safety ratings. The first thing you want to consider for baby carriers on sale and anything that is used for your baby are the safety ratings. Convenience is terrific, but if your baby isn't going to be safe, it's just not worth it. Check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for a list of recalls.

Read customer reviews. If a product has more bad reviews than good by customers who have used them, you may not want that particular product. Read the reviews and consider the things that customers are saying.

Make sure it's well made. Even if a product isn't on the recall list or has good reviews, take a look at how it's made and what materials it uses. If it has terrific baby-holding materials, but plastic breakable wheels, snaps, or buckles, you may be throwing your money away.

Weigh what you need against the price. A good price doesn't always mean you need all the bells and whistles a baby carrier on sale has. Gauge what you know you'll need against what is being offered. If the additions seem like they'll help, all the better. If they don't, you may end up finding it more trouble than it's worth.

3 Things To Check For A Baby Carrier On Sale

There's nothing like a good sale. Unfortunately, not everything that's on sale is worth buying. As you're perusing baby carriers on sale, take the time to do some research.Baby Carriers On Sale

Check the baby carrier safety rating. There are some baby carriers out there that have disturbing safety ratings. And there are others that have stellar ratings. Make sure you double check the ratings at Consumer Product Safety Commission New information is revealed all the time and not all of it makes the headline news.

Check reviews from users. Sites like and the like have open forums and active comments from parents that are using and have used many of the baby carriers on sale you are finding. Keep in mind that these are individuals who may not have the same expectations or requirements that you do, but consider what they say. If something throws up a red flag for you, or a green flag, these consumer reviews can be helpful.

Check its personal functionality. Along with the reviews, you have to take in all you can - videos, comments, imagination - and determine how the baby carrier on sale will function for you. If it looks like it may be too involved or complicated, it's probably not for you. If you're confused by how it looks, you're not likely to enjoy it.

Sales are only as good as their products, and while it's exciting to find a great sale, you still want quality with the products regardless of price.

Baby carrier slings by HugaMonkey are not only durable, safe, and comfortable, they are available at an unbelievable price!

3 Reasons To Buy Baby Slings

Why buy baby slings? A simple question with a simple answer. Baby slings provide a million and one (okay, maybe not quite that many) pros without any cons (at least that we can think of).

What is a baby sling? We’ve got a pretty simple answer for that one - you can’t stump us. A baby sling is a type of carrier that lets you carry baby essentially in your arms next to your body while keeping your hands free. Oops. We’re jumping the gun with our list of pros and cons. But since you’ve got the idea, we’ll keep going with the pros.

For starters, how do you like the idea of baby crying less? Can anything make baby cry less? The answer is a definitive yes. And honestly, it makes a lot of sense. When baby is cuddled up in a baby sling close to mom or dad, what in the world could there be to cry about? Oh, right. Maybe being hungry or a messy diaper, but overall, that’s a lot less crying than otherwise.

And speaking of all that being cuddled up close, research has shown physical contact is super important for baby’s development. When babies are first discovering the world and trying to communicate with mom and dad, they do it through touch. A baby sling keeps baby in constant physical communication and helps in that process of discovery and growth.

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