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Calling all hot mamas! This rich stone-colored sling is a necessity for your chic wardrobe. Its neutral color goes with practically anything (and we mean anything!) hanging in your closet, and the texture is to die for. Its durable fiber does its best to fend off those pesky wrinkles, and its color works just as hard to avoid fading. If you’re worried about maintaining that sleek, natural look you’re going for, rest assured! As with all of our baby pouches, this has a strong-yet-streamlined designed with crisp lines to minimize bulk and maximize fashion. In addition to being a totally gorgeous fashion accessory, here are some of its main features:

  • 100% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Fabric resists moisture
  • Can be worn in a variety of comfortable, secure positions
  • Comfortably fits child from newborn up to 3 years old or 30 pounds

    And let’s not forget the comfort factor: this carrier achieves it all with its lightweight, breathable fabric. (Oh, and one more thing—this earth-tone hue is not only essential for your wardrobe, but works well with your husband’s too!)


Be Safe: If your child is under the age of 4 months, please read this safety article about positioning your infant correctly (in any kind of soft carrier sling):


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How can it be 100% cotton and


How can it be 100% cotton and 3% spandex?! 

10month old carry


my son is 10months and 22lbs, will this work for him.. my ergo carrier is too hot and bulky!

Sling Wearing Positions


Where is the video to watch to see the different positions?

I bought this for my aging dog...


I just ordered this sling because my 15lb. miniature pinscher is aging and has some arthritis and cannot take our usual several mile walk any longer and I have to carry him which ends up making my upper back and neck strain and ache .  Thor just wants to be with me so I feel bad cutting our walk short, taking him home and then going back out without him. Hopefully with this sling, he can walk a little, then get carried some of the way and rest then I can let him down when he feels up to it and then I can get a good brisk couple of mile walk in when he tires out plus carrying his added weight will enhance my workout a little... Hopefully, this will be a good solution for both of us. I'll keep you posted and send you a photo if it works for us...

Your Product Made It Possible


I thought you might enjoy this pic of me (not my best look) and my twins boys when they were 3 mos old and in HugaMonkey slings. It was how I managed by myself so often. My littlest guy was under 4 lbs when we left the hospital and the sling was the only way he would relax on many days. On this particular day my husband was out playing with our dogs and we all needed some time outside - your product made it possible.

Jackson and Austin Twins in the HugaMonkey baby sling!


This gave me goose bumps!  How sweet and wonderful.  Look at those tiny little arms.  Love it!

Cool Pic

What a great picture! I'm thrilled that we were able to help you out. How's diaper duty with twins?

^_^ Love the sling

I love the sling, it feels so comfortable and I love the fact that the way it is desined I don't have to wory about my baby falling out of it. I still have a month before my little baby girl is born, but I think this sling will be great for her. Thank you so much for makeing a great sling and the shiping was Very fast. I'm going to get one for my sister inlaw  who has a 1 month old baby girl. I think she'll just love it ^_^ TY TY.

I am so excited to get these.

One for the parents and one for us grandparents. I just read Dr. Karp's book How to have the Happiest Baby on the Block. He makes numerous references to the Native American mothers wearing their leather pouches with their babies inside and next to their body constantly. What a wonderful way to give each other, parent and child, the opportunity to communicate security and love by keeping our cherished monkeys against our hearts and close to their first home. I wish you the best of successes with HugaMonkey and lots of blessings that this ingeneous idea and hard work are going to bring you and yours. * your video is so sweet! Hugs, Deb 

Thanks Deb


Thanks for the kind words. Holding your baby close is a fantastic way to spend the "4th trimester"! Are the grandparents new? Either way, they'll get a kick out of holding your monkey in a HugaMonkey.

Take care and let me know if you have any questions.


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