Ring Slings Review


    Starts at $30
  • No slipping
  • Sleek design. No extra fabric
  • Small, simple to store
  • Easy to put on

Ring Slings

  • Starts at $45
  • Concern of “tail” slipping
  • Excess fabric, bulky padding
  • Large, doesn’t fold up easily
  • Harder to put on

Ring slings are a well known version of traditional baby carriers. Some have thick padding along both edges, making them bulky and difficult to store. Others, such as the Ella Roo baby sling, have lighter padding. And Taylor Made and Zolo Wear slings have no padding. All ring slings have a long "tail", which is threaded through a pair of rings and adjusted to size, which works well for many people who have to share the same sling. A HugaMonkey has no excess padding, so it folds up to the size of a sandwich! It's unique design allows the baby pouch to sit flat against your back for super comfort without padding. It's size is specific to you, so there's no fabric "tail" to make its way into closed doors, food, dirt, and all kinds of things.

A HugaMonkey sling needs no adjusting. It's custom fit to your body, so your baby can be worn in the same size sling from birth to age 3 with no adjustments and no slipping. There's no excessive tail or bulky padding, which not only lowers the cost, but makes storing and carrying a HugaMonkey sling a piece of cake.

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