Over The Shoulder Baby Holder Review


  • Starts at $30
  • No slipping
  • Sleek design. No extra fabric
  • Small, simple to store

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

  • Starts at $45
  • Requires ring adjustments
  • Excess fabric, bulky padding
  • Large, doesn’t fold up easily

Over the Shoulder Baby Holders are classic examples of early ring-and-tail adjustable baby slings. Some parents have expressed concern about adjusting the "tail" with the rings. HugaMonkey baby slings don't have an extra step because they have no rings!

Padding runs around both sides, top to bottom, of the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder to make it more comfortable. A Hugamonkey's design allows the fabric to sit flat without bunching to make it comfortable without excess padding. Without padding, a HugaMonkey sling folds up to the size of a sandwich, so you can throw your sling into your purse, diaper bag, glove compartment, even pocket!

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