New Native Baby Carrier Slings Review


  • Starts at $30
  • No extra fabric, bulky padding or buckles
  • No folding necessary
  • Free shipping on orders shipped within USA

New Native

  • Starts at $36
  • No extra fabric, bulky padding or buckles
  • Folding needed in order to wear correctly
  • Shipping cost is extra

New Native Baby Carriers are a pouch style carrier similar to a HugaMonkey Baby Sling but different in one important way; in order to wear comfortably and safely, a New Native pouch must be folded in half at the shoulder each time after it's washed. In contrast, a HugaMonkey sling requires no folding anytime; you'll love simply putting it on! Folding carries the concern of possibly slipping. The unique non-folded shoulder seam on the HugaMonkey is designed to prevent any concern of slipping and cuts outs the extra step of folding when wearing. HugaMonkey also starts at just $30 so your pocketbook will love it too!

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