Mei Tai Asian Baby Carrier Review


  • Starts at $30
  • No adjusting, slips on
  • 4 steps to put on
  • 7 carrying positions

Mei Tai Baby Carrier

  • Starts at $59
  • No adjusting, ties on
  • 5 steps to put on
  • 2 carrying positions

A Mei Tai Baby carrier is an Asian style baby carrier that has a front panel with two short and two long straps that are tied around the wearer in various ways:

To put on in the front carry position, the Mei Tai Baby is first tied around the adults waist with the first two short straps. After those are tied, the carrier is lifted up over the baby's back and the two long straps are put over the adult's shoulders. The remaining two ties are then crossed around the adult's back and brought around to the frond and tied around the baby's back.

To put on in the back carrying position, this carrier suggests the use of another person or soft chair. Otherwise the adult stands at a 90 degree angle with their baby on their back while grabbing the two long straps to pull over their shoulders and tie.

A HugaMonkey sling can be put on and taken off with one hand – even while you’re still holding your baby! No ties are involved and the unique Shoulder Seam means you never have to adjust.

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