Maya Wrap Baby Slings Review


    Starts at $30
  • No buckles or snaps or rings
  • Up to 1 1/2 yards of fabric
  • Free shipping on orders shipped within the USA

Original Maya Wrap Sling

  • Starts at $55
  • No buckles or snaps
  • Up to 2 1/2 yards of fabric
  • No free shipping

An Original Maya Wrap sling is a long piece of fabric that's threaded through two rings in order to wear. To put on, the wearer holds the rings in front and pulls back the shoulder-cap-flap. The left hand is then brought under the right arm and takes hold of the other edge of the fabric. The fabric is then spread out as the sling is brought behind the back, and the rings are now set on the shoulder. The shoulder cap needed to be adjusted just right before the sling is threaded as to not get the fabric twisted. After setting the shoulder cap the wearer grabs the corner of the fabric, with the left corner going in the left hand and the right cor- you get the picture. The fingers then "walk together" to gather the tail. The tail can then be brought through the bottom of the rings and pulled over the top ring and under the bottom ring, being careful not to twist the tail.*

HugaMonkey baby slings simply slip on over the head and onto the opposite shoulder. To put on, the wearer identifies the seams on the sling, puts their hand through the sling and then pulls the sling up and over onto the opposite shoulder. That's it. The patent pending design was created by a mom who wanted a fresh looking baby carrier that was easy to put on, compact, needed no adjustments and had great quality, style and cost. Her end result is the very affordable HugaMonkey sling you see today. So slip off your sling in less than 10 seconds and fold it up to the size of a sandwich and realize how great practicality feels!

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*See ( for more information. Always read instructions before using a carrier or sling.

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