Maclaren Baby Carriers Review


  • Starts at $30
  • Cuddles infant
  • Over 7 carrying positions
  • Easy to nurse in
  • Weight evenly distributed
  • Simple, one piece design

Maclaren Baby Carriers

  • Starts at $50
  • Dangles infant
  • 2 carrying positions
  • Unable to nurse in
  • All weight on shoulders
  • Buckles, pads, straps - Oh my!

MacLaren baby carriers are similar to Baby Bjorn, Snugli, and other front pack carriers. The baby is held in the pack with their arms and legs exposed on the outside of the pack. Parents often use these types of carriers for hiking and long walking trips. A series of buckles, straps, and adjustments are needed to make it fit "just right".

HugaMonkey baby slings allow infants to curl up, similar to being in the womb, to comfort and calm the baby. As the child grows, the wearer can switch through several carrying positions to make carrying easier. A HugaMonkey can also be worn hiking and on long trips. The ease and versatility of changing positions makes it ideal for any situation. Because the sling size is custom to the wearer, not the size of the baby, no adjustments are needed.

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