HugaMonkey Moby Wrap Review


  • Starts at $30
  • Up to 1 1/2 yards of fabric
  • No buckles, snaps or fasteners
  • Slips on in 4 steps
  • Packs up to the size of a small adult t shirt

Moby Wrap

  • Starts at $39
  • Up to 6 yards of fabric
  • No buckles, snaps or fasteners
  • Wraps around in 8 steps
  • Packs up to the size of 6 adult t shirts

A Moby Wrap is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the body of the carrier before placing a child into the wrap. To put on, the fabric is wrapped across the waist with the two sides put behind the back and brought up over the shoulders. The two ends of fabric are then tucked under the fabric around the waist. After this is accomplished the wearer then crosses the end pieces in the front and brings the fabric behind their back, finishing with a knot if desired. After that the wearer brings any left over fabric to the front and ties a knot finishing with spreading the fabric over the shoulders and back.*

The Moby Wrap is on average 15-20 feet long or five to six yards of fabric that is layered over both the wearer and baby's back. HugaMonkey Baby Slings are constructed of a yard of fabric on average and crosses one side of the wearer's back. The fabric of a HugaMonkey is light, breathable and single layered which allows both the adult and baby’s body to breathe and cool off comfortably.

The Moby Wrap has 8 steps to put on, wrap around, tie up, tighten and/or loosen. HugaMonkey baby slings use 4 steps to slip on over the shoulder before you’re ready to put baby inside (about 10 seconds). Taking your baby out is just as easy in a HugaMonkey; clearly a necessity for a mom on the go.

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*See ( for more information. Always read instructions before using a carrier or sling.

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