Hotslings Review


  • Starts at $30
  • No bulky padding
  • Very easy to put on
  • No folding necessary
  • No slipping


  • Starts at $48
  • Light padding on one side
  • Pretty easy to put on
  • Folding required before wearing (except on AP style)
  • Fold may need adjusting as it's worn

Hotsling baby pouches are similar to a HugaMonkey Baby Sling, with a few key differences. A Hotsling pouch is one of the quickest and easiest styles of baby carriers. A key difference is that a classic Hostling pouch must be folded, while a HugaMonkey baby pouch is already perfectly folded for you, so it never slips or comes undone.

The unmistakable monkey tag and unique shoulder seam make wearing a HugaMonkey a piece of cake!

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