Can I Use My Sling For Nursing?

Yes. Follow these instructions to breastfeed discretely using your baby sling

    breastfeed discretely using your baby sling
  1. After putting on your baby sling, hold baby facing your bare shoulder, sitting on your forearm
  2. Pull outer edge over your forearm and your baby's feet
  3. Gently drop your baby into the pocket. If you baby is long enough, the feet will stick out the bottom
  4. Guide baby's head to the same side as your bare shoulder, laying down with the curved seam following his spine.
  5. Lift baby with your bare arm and adjust the sling to a comfortable spot with your other arm. You may want to slide the shoulder seam further down your arm while nursing.
  6. With the sling pulled completely over the baby's head, you are now ready to begin nursing!
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