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There's not really an age limit for the slings. The fabric has been strength tested at over 80 lbs! I (Leah) could carry my 8 year old daughter in it if I had to. One day my 4 year old hit the end of his rope while we were in the mall. I threw him in the sling, put him on my back, and trucked out of there. I certainly wouldn't want to carry him for an extended period of time, but he hasn't outgrown it!  There are pictures on our facebook page with people carrying toddlers and up. Check it out!  Spine problems have been associated with types of baby carriers where all of the weight is placed at the base of the baby's spine, and their feet are dangling below. I call that type "dead frog carriers" because the baby's just hanging in there without control or support. With a baby sling, the feet are curled up and the baby can push with her legs. She's also more reclined with weight distributed well across her back, just as if you were holding her in your arms. 


The width on our slings is the same no matter what size: 25 inches.  So folded in half, the pocket would be 12.5" deep.  The length is what determines the size, and the size small is 4" longer than the XS.   A little insider tip:  the XS is truly very, very small.  If people tell you that you're the tiniest person they've ever met, then it's probably the right size for you.  If you're averagely small, then go for a good old fashion size small.

Actually, stick with the small size. Our extra smalls are pretty little and the small should fit you great.

The small is 50" around (starting at the tag and going all the way around back to the tag), while the medium is 54" around.  Both have a 12.5" deep pocket, or 25" wide total. 

Go with the small. You're baby's older and sitting more on your hip and facing out, so you'll want to make sure your sling is fitted to you. A small sling will put your baby at a good spot on your hip, where a medium would be a little lower.  

You also won't have much room in the next few months to sling your kid in the front, so stick with a size that will be great to wear on your hip. (To check out the different ways to carry your baby just check out our "Wearing Instructions" link on the left sidebar.)

Base your decision on your pre pregnancy weight. If you've had a baby before and find that it's hard getting the weight off you can add about 5-10 lbs more to your total weight.

Picking your sling size is easy! Simply use the chart below to find your weight and height. Where there two meet is your HugaMonkey size. You'll be Huggin' in no time!


Most people's sling and t-shirt sizes are the same. Even though it's not precise, it's a good start.

Not at all! Brand new babies under 8 lbs need a little extra support, especially if they seem to be sitting deep in your pouch. To help bring them up closer to you, fold up a small cotton receiving blanket and place it in the sling where the baby's back will be. Place the baby in as usual with the blanket behind her, making sure the blanket's not behind her head, and she will be propped up. Remember, babies like being close. They've been that way for months! She'll be snug as a bug and ready to hug.

Unfortunately, sizes don't transfer well. It's like a pair of jeans. You want it to fit just right. If it's too big or too small it will be uncomfortable, and it's important to have your baby in the right size. If you wear your sling too big your baby will be at your hips and not close to your chest where he/she should be. Fortunately, we've worked extremely hard to make our slings the most affordable on the market for that very purpose. We want Mom and Daddy to be able to get a sling without breaking the bank (then you each get your favorite color, as well!)

Our baby carriers are perfect for children from newborn up to 3 years old or 30 pounds.

Go with the larger size. After washing it will tighten up to a comfortable fit.

This question comes down to height. If you are shorter, go for the large. If you are over 5'8", then choose the xl. 


If putting your baby on the strap side works for you, then by all means do it! That's the great thing about slings - they're so simple and versatile that you can use them any way you want. When your baby gets bigger she'll probably need her feet sticking out and laying the opposite direction like the video shows, but that will be easier when she's bigger. 

Since it's 100% cotton, it can be washed and dried like regular clothes.  The fabric is also pretty thick, so it will hold up to whatever your little one can dish out.  If you're a mom, you definitely need a stain stick on hand! Customers use their organic HugaMonkey sling nearly every day for over a year, and they still look great.

Our sling pouch is pretty wide and big and makes for good coverage while nursing, which leaves plenty of room to lift your sling up and nurse effectively. You can even turn it around and find different ways to use your sling to nurse. Here's a couple ways Leah said she uses her sling for nursing:

 "It's nice to walk and nurse sometimes. Mostly I sit down, take the sling off my shoulder, and drape it over my shoulder. I put the curved seam over my shoulder and the tag part down by my hip, so upside-down basically. It makes a nice little tent for good coverage. The great thing about the sling is that you can do anything to meet your needs. Experiment, try new things, and I'm sure you'll find what works perfectly for you."

Of course! What makes a sling safe to sleep in is positioning the baby correctly and wearing and using your sling and it's fabric right. Your baby should never lay curled up with his/her chin close to their chest because this restricts their airway in part. A HugaMonkey has the pouch seam where the baby's bum should always rest. When using that seam as the guide the baby is positioned upright, with his face exposed to the air and his head up. With your baby in this position you can rest assured that his spine and back are in the right position to breath well.    There were some slings in the news that were recalled recently that had no positioning guide and the baby was left just laying flat inside, with all of the pressure on the center of the baby's back. That pressure is one cause for the infant to curl its head toward its chest and not breathe properly. Take a look at one of the models off our home page. You'll want your baby's head above your bustline when wearing your sling so that it is easy to see and hear your baby. Also, part of wearing your sling correctly is wearing the right size so that your baby is positioned right. You'll know your sling is too big if your baby is swinging around your hips with the pouch feeling too large.  Now dealing with fabric. There was one model sporting the mesh sides on the recalled slings. The majority of the recalled slings, however, were solid walled and made of three layers of fabric. And in many models the outer fabric was a thick velour or a synthetic nylon blend, both of which are not at all breathable. The HugaMonkey sling has just a single layer of 97% or 100% cotton - very breathable. With any sling, make sure that your sling fabric does not drape across your baby's face.

Sure! The first thing you can check is to make sure that your HugaMonkey tag is on the back of your shoulder, not on top. This will bring the pouch around and just be a better fit for your baby. The next thing you can check is to make sure that your baby's bum is in the seam of the sling when you put him in (like the baby in the organic sling picture). The woman in the same pic is the way you want your sling to lay and hit on you as well.

If your baby is older look at the way you are holding him. He may just prefer to look out more or be in a different position. Look again at the organic model and notice how the baby is sitting. He can look out and is much more content. If your baby's bum is past the seam in your sling he may be in it too low and as a result, not able to see.  Sizing is a huge factor as well! If your sling is sitting on or below your hips with your baby inside it is too big. If you are still unsure what size is best for you and your baby, you could order two sizes, compare the two and then return the size that doesn't fit right for a complete refund (you would just be out the cost to mail the sling back). You can always contact us at as well. We'd love to help!

It's incredibly easy! Once baby is asleep, I simply bend over, lay the baby down, raise my free arm, and back up - sliding myself out. That leaves the baby undisturbed and still wrapped all cozy in the sling. The HugaMonkey is made with a single layer of fabric, so you can leave it on a sleeping baby without him/her getting over heated or uncomfortable from lots of bunched up fabric.

Our slings are designed with a deep pouch; this makes nursing nice with more coverage and helps give more room as your baby gains weight and gets older. You'll know your sling is too big, however, if it is hanging below your hip with your baby inside. When your baby's bum is in the pouch seam, the bottom of the sling should be at the top of your hip bone, near your navel. If it's dropping much lower than that then your sling could be too big.

If your sling is at the top of your hip bone and fits you right, you are probably holding a little newborn if your pouch feels big. Try folding a small receiving blanket behind their back only to bring them up closer to you (see the FAQ "My baby is very small, under 5 lbs. Is she too little for the sling?"). For more helpful tips on specific questions check out our other FAQ's or use our contact form.

Yes; we have five different colors and currently three different fabric types but all are constructed the same. Here's the breakdown:

Organic Baby Sling: 100% unbleached Organic cotton

Brown, Black, Stone Baby Slings: 100% cotton, 3% Spandex 

Aqua Baby Sling: 100% Kona Cotton (soon to be 100% cotton, 3% Spandex)

HugaMonkey slings are designed to fit babies from newborn up to 3 years, or 30 lbs, and all positions are all suitable for every baby within this size, as long as your baby's age agrees! For example, some 10 month old babies will not lay in a cradle position, but love to be in the hip sit position.

HugaMonkey has a solid, comfortable design. As quoted from our website, "These snazzy baby slings are streamlined, with no extra fabric or bulky rings to get in your way, and fashioned from a single cut of breathable, durable, soft natural fabric. Quadruple over lock stitching prevents fraying and provides strength so that the body-conforming tube with seat pouch is adaptable to carry infant or toddler with cuddly support." Translation: These slings are tough!

Take a look at our Baby Sling Instructions and discover all the different positions to carry your baby and find the right one for you!

First, take a look at the position you use most for your baby. What way does your baby sit/lay in your sling? Sometimes an older baby put in a cradle position will refuse- hey, it's a new world and they've got to see it!! One reason HugaMonkey slings are so awesome is because our slings are designed specially so your baby can fit comfortably as they grow from birth to 3 years! That's some major slinging time!

For this reason Hugamonkey has created some resourceful videos that demonstrate all the different ways to hold your little (or big!) monkey as they grow from infancy to toddlerhood.

Check them out and enjoy all the different slingin' positions you and your baby can do!

When the babies are still tiny, you can put both of them in the sling curled up with their bums together in the seam. You may want to order a size up for this.

As they get bigger, you can wear two slings "Rambo" style, one on each shoulder, crossing in front of you with a baby on each hip.

There will be an awkward stage between 3-6 months when they're too big to lay down together and too small to sit up on your hip. They can be laid down in separate slings "Rambo" style, but will be more under your arms than at your front. It's a bit tricky and you'll have to be more careful, but it can be done!

Great question. Over the past year monkey huggers bought black, brown, aqua and stone baby slings more than any of our other patterns. So, we ditched the others and added one more favorite, the organic baby sling. Now we have our fab five, with one color and fabric sure to please most everyone. This, along with everything else HugaMonkey, keeps with our underlining theme of just keeping things simple.

Because of HugaMonkey's design and researched fabric choice, none of our baby slings will stretch out with wear but rather keep their shape indefinitely. We will not send you an inferior product and guarantee a long lasting, quality made sling that is also funky and fresh.

The Organic baby sling is unique because it's constructed of 100% Organic cotton and has a terrific forgiving stretch in its fabric. Because all our slings are made with 100% cotton and are constructed the same way, the Organic sling will not necessarily hold a better shape than the others, it will just mold differently to your baby because of its great stretch. So go ahead and pick your fave color and fabric and feel great knowing your sling will last many kids over!

Nope. The teal along with all of our clearance slings are being sold out and we don't plan to make more of them. Sorry!

100% Organic Cotton, found in the Organic Baby Sling, is a nice smooth fabric with some stretch to it. 100% Kona Cotton, found in the Aqua sling, is not stretchy but seems to be pretty colorfast. The Organic sling will stay a bit more cooler in the summer than the Kona Cotton will. 

All of our slings are single sided to make them ultra breathable and lightweight.

Dads, moms, grandparents, caregivers, older siblings, you name it - anyone can HugaMonkey! Peruse the site to see lots of pictures of Dads, in all shapes and sizes, hugging their monkeys.

Yup, you sure can! Take a look to at our nursing in a baby sling technique.

Your HugaMonkey can be worn in many different positions (which your baby might prefer) so take a look at our baby sling instruction videos to try them out.

Any way you carry a baby, whether with a baby carrier or with your arms, is going to put added stress on your body. It takes time for your muscles to adapt to new carrying positions.

There are a few things you can do to help ease back strain. The first is fit. Does the baby sling seem to fit well. Is the baby's bottom resting at your navel?

Second, check your position. The tag should be resting on your shoulder blade, with the baby's bum in the curved seam. Position the baby sling so that it's a little off your shoulder, more to the side and pulling across your body rather than on top of your shoulder and pulling down on your body.

Third is posture. It's very, very important to keep a tall, straight spine. Practice rolling your shoulders back and moving your shoulder blades down your spine. Hunching and slouching can be very detrimental to you back, with or without a sling. Do some back exercises to strengthen these new muscles you're using. As with all baby carriers, take a break when you feel tired. Switch shoulders, change the baby's position, sit down. Babies are endurance exercises!

Keep trying and as the baby moves from laying down to a sitting up position, a lot of the weight will be distributed to your hips.


 Here's the list of current states and countries that carry our baby slings (brick and mortar style):

  • Baby Belly Pregnancy Spa, Lexington Kentucky USA
  • Back on The Rack, Hillsboro Oregon USA
  • Vital Wonders Boutique, Palisade Colorado USA
  • Traveling Camel Trading, Creston BC, Canada
  • Little Me, Kota Kinabalu Sabah
If you're one who likes to try on before you buy (understandably so) we've made shopping online come with obvious perks. There's FREE shipping with your order and FREE shipping on any exchange you'd need to make. Our website is also oh-so user friendly. If you run into any sizing questions make sure to check out our FAQ's and/or contact us. For more information on any brick and mortar store contact us via our email as well. Happy shopping!

We actually have all our HugaMonkey Sling Instruction Videos posted on YouTube. Just search "HugaMonkey" and you should be good to go. If the problem persists please let us know so we can see if it's something on our end. 

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If your card is still nor processing, please contact us and we'll make sure to look into it.

We are actually discontinuing all our clearance slings and will soon be selling only our 4 best sellers; aqua, stone, crush and black!

Very safe. Any online order made with HugaMonkey will be secure. We are verified from and COMODO, which means we guarantee that any transactions made with HugaMonkey are secure and insured. At HugaMonkey, we do not store credit card numbers on our site. When an order is placed the credit card number is automatically encrypted and the credit card number is erased. Placing an order online with HugaMonkey is sure to be safe and quick- making it a win-win for everyone!

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