ErgoBaby® Carrier Review


  • Starts at $30
  • Keeps infant close
  • 5 different carrying positions
  • Helps with everyday tasks, great for hiking around infants
  • No buckles or straps used
  • Free shipping on every order shipped within the USA

ErgoBaby® Carrier

  • Starts at $105
  • Keeps infant close; extra $25 infant insert needed
  • 3 different carrying positions
  • Helps with everyday tasks, great for backpacking older toddlers
  • Buckles and straps used
  • Free shipping on orders $142 USD and over

Ergobaby carriers are similar to Baby Bjorn, Snugli, MacLaren, and other front-pack carriers, but the Ergo carrier is more of a higher quality carrier you'd buy to take an older baby backpacking across Europe, for example. The Ergo can be worn in three different positions and the instructions on how to wear the carrier are moderately easy. Compared to the other front pack carrier slings, the Ergo has good reviews with carrying toddlers in the back carrying position. Drawbacks? The Ergo baby carrier is one of the most expensive front pack carrier on the market with the average price on an original carrier for your infant costing over $130 out the door (just short of free shipping)!

If you are looking for a baby carrier to help with everyday tasks around the house and town, a HugaMonkey baby sling is the most affordable, practical and easy baby carrier option for everyday use. They fold up compactly (approximately to the size of a small adult t shirt), are lightweight and breathable and have no extra padding, straps, buckles or ties. Like the Ergo baby carrier, HugaMonkey baby slings also work great for the outdoors. HugaMonkey baby slings are not meant for atypical backpacking around heavy boulders, but they'll work great on a typical hike you'd take in the mountains or along a beautiful scenic trail.

HugaMonkey baby slings allow your infant to be curled up as if in the womb, keeping your newborn warm and comforted, without the use of an extra infant insert. Older babies are held securely and can be put in the HugaMonkey sling without any assistance. Because HugaMonkey slings start at $30 including shipping, this practical and easy baby carrier is the most affordable around.

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