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One glance at this cocoa brown baby sling, and you’ll be convinced it tastes as rich and chocolaty as it looks! While it may not taste as delicious as a Cadbury egg, it feels as smooth to the touch as chocolate does on your tongue. The color is sure to stay just as luscious for years to come, so you can count on it for all your babies and all your outfits. Part of what makes our cotton fiber look and feel so great is its ability to keep moisture and wrinkles at bay. Its durable design enhances comfort and security for both you and your little monkey—without all the fuss of rings, tails, and other unnecessary bulk. Check out these other features that make our cocoa brown sling so scrumptious:

  • 100% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Breathable fabric and durable design
  • A soft, natural fiber
  • Baby sling can easily hold a child up to age 3 or 30 lb

In a world where everybody’s counting calories, go ahead! Indulge yourself and your baby in a sling as comforting as a cup of hot cocoa.

Be Safe: If your child is under the age of 4 months, please read this safety article about positioning your infant correctly (in any kind of soft carrier sling):

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My wife has two slings.....


My wife and baby daughter love the hugamonkey slings.  Last night the baby was fussy no matter what we did.  Finally my wife put her in the sling and voila!  That monkey stopped fussing!  I guess she just needed to be hugged.   ;)

Best Sling Out There!

I absolutely LOVE my HugaMonkey baby sling! The beautiful chocolate color is gorgeous and this sling is by far the easiest to use. I have an Infantino easy rider carrier and a moby wrap but they do not even compare to this sling. The infantino carrier caused my back to ache within 5 min and the moby wrap takes forever to put on, definately not feasible if I have multiple errands to run. I used my HugaMonkey sling the other day to hold my 6 month old daughter while I played with my 2 yr old son outside for almost 2 hours, and no backache! I do not see how that is even possible, being that I hurt my back at age 16 and have had trouble ever since, but this sling is a Godsend. Thank you so much for making an easy to use, high quality product at such an affordable price. There is no excuse for any babywearer out there not to HugaMonkey! This product definately gets my HIGHEST recommendation!

Baby Come Back!

That's amazing! Thank you! Back problems are no fun so it's great to hear your sling isn't adding to your troubles and that you can keep slinging again and again with your baby. Hurray!

USA made- thank you!


I just received my cocoa brown sling last week and have yet to actualy try it as I am due in a little over 2 more months, but have to say that it is sturdy and beautiful. My sister kept raving about Hugamonkey as she has 3 kids under the age of 3 and said she has tried every sling out there and this is the only one she liked.  When I saw the prices I was shocked as all  other slings  seem to be so expensive! And the others looked so complicated and bulky! Then I found out it is made right here in the USA and I was sold. I want to say thank you for making a beautiful, quality product and supporting local jobs (and still not charging me a fortune!) Thank you Hugamonkey!

Yes! I love it!

Yes! I love it! You've listed all the reasons why I love this company too. Isn't it so refreshing to have a simple sling that also does the job? Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome

You're welcome. One thing Leah, Clint and I have always tried to do was keep the sling prices affordable. So far, so good.

I'm excited for you to use your sling in the next couple months. Are you having a boy or girl monkey?

girl monkey

I'm gonna have a little girl monkey.... (=

Girl Monkeys Are Awesome

Our first monkey was a girl! Congrats.

My wife uses her sling ALL the time...


My wife has a Hugamonkey sling and LOVES it. She uses it constantly when she's taking care of the baby and needs to get some other things done. It helps our son feel very secure and often lulls him to sleep. He now likes to face forward, so she appreciates the versatility of it.

I'm too big to use her sling or I'd use it too! We really need to get me one...

I Agree

Thanks for sharing. Having a sling that's so versatile and comfortable is HUGE. I loved how my baby boys felt once inside and can picture your little boy's face too. Love that.

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