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Simplicity holds great power. Classic black—so versatile, so essential, you’ll wonder how you ever did without this black baby sling for so long. This functional, elegant carrier looks great, wherever you and your little one may go. Its timeless color and understated style enhance every wardrobe. Baby will be content to snuggle inside the natural fiber of this breathable material. Your comfort is ensured with its forgiving feel and durable design. 

  • 100% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Comfortably holds child up to 3 years or 30 pounds
  • Durable yet streamlined design
  • Fade and wrinkle resistant

 Intoxicating style exudes from basic black, but that’s not the only benefit of this simple black baby sling. Its straightforward, minimalist design perfectly meets the needs of today’s chic mama, and will enable you to do more than you thought possible while holding a baby. So whether you've planned a trip to the grocery store or a night out on the town, this sling will get you and your baby there—in comfort and in style.


Be Safe: If your child is under the age of 4 months, please read this safety article about positioning your infant correctly (in any kind of soft carrier sling):

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nice sling


not really sure if i wear my son in this the wrong way but it kills my back to carry him in this. nice design and great colors though; just wish it didnt hurt to carry him after a couple minutes. he is eight months old and not even twenty pounds yet so i dont think its his weight.


Make sure that you've read and are following the instructions: If you need more help, please let us know:

Love Huggin my Little Monkey :)



After alot of research on baby slings I found your website. I loved the simplicity of your slings and the videos were interesting and fun to watch as well. I checked the mail daily anticipating the arrival of my Hugamonkey. I LOVE how simple it was to figure out, just grab the tag and slip it on! I use my sling every day! My, now 11 week old, Brayleigh absolutely loves it (almost as much as me)! It sure came in handy on a recent weekend trip to Chicago. She spent two full days in her Hugamonkey and loved it!! No need for a bulky stroller, and I could toss it in my purse. This sling is also perfect for nursing in public. I am now purchasing another color :) I have been stopped hundreds of times by other mothers curious about my sling, I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Hugamonkey is! Def a must have for any mother!!! I just wish I would have had one with my first three children!


One of my friend is using it


One of my friend is using it for very long time. Its an excellent relaxing sling for mom as well as for child. I wnated to buy same for me. Is it possible to get it online store like ebay. Please let me  know. I wanted to ask you we are buying this to secure our baby. Is you vehicle covered under any <a href="">insurance</a> policy. If not please rush and get it done.

The best!


I got this as a baby shower gift and had never seen one before! Holy Cow my little man loved!!! And I was always stopped and asked what kind it was. People love the design and I have to tell them how comfortable it really is too!! I wish there were pictures of older children in these. My son is now 14 months and 26 lbs. I know you say he can be in it till 30 lbs just not sure how that would look... Just a thought! But this is a must have!!!

I would and have recomended this site to others


I am a mommy to three little boys, the only difference is that my little boys happen to be furry and walk on all 4 legs... they are poodles.  one afternoon i was walking with my youngest in a doggy sling, he has a bad back and cannot always walk, when i had the sudden urge to hold him close.  Right as i hugged my little guy the strap broke.  If i had not been hugging him he would have fallen to the ground... Needless to say i was shook up and decided at that moment i needed something better and safer.  i was home searching the internet for a safe and effective sling.  I found your website and ordered one.  when it came i went back to your site and watched the video a few times and then tried.  it was amazing! i was so excited that it was easy comfortable (even with my pudgy 19 lbs poodle) and most importantly safe!  I have used it for all three of my boys (obviously at different times)  the oldest is 8.5 lbs, the middle is 19 lbs, and the baby with the bad back is 14 lbs.  ALL 3 of them love it! they are relaxed and sit comfortably.  if it is on the floor they actually go lay in it! which means they love it!

now i realize that i am writing about my experience with my dogs and the sling, but i have to say i am thrilled and that it has made my life easier! so thank you.  I would and have recomended this site to others, both for baby and pooch use!

Bow WOW!

I'm glad your pooches love it.  We've had people use them for dogs, cats, and even snakes and iguanas!  It's a double bonus that they're so easy to care for: wash, dry, go.  Way to find the perfect solution to your problem.  Two thumbs up!

The Best!!!

This sling is so easy to use!  I bought it before my son was born based on the reviews and boy were they right.  He loves it and honestly, over the past 3 months, hasn't really taken to sleeping much of anywhere else except the sling (ugh, but it's saved me!). It's totally comfortable too.  I'm ordering a second in another color!!!

Sleepy babies are awesome!

I use my HugaMonkey carrier to put my babies asleep too. I love to look down a their cute, fat, sleeping faces.

camrae27's picture

Love it! Love it! Love it!


I super love this thing! I can't say enough about how awesome it is!

Your customer service is awesome and I just love everything about you guys!

I wrote a more detailed review here:

Thanks again!!

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