Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers Review


  • Starts at $30
  • Slips on in 4 steps
  • No buckles or straps
  • No adjustments used
  • Use for infant to 30 lbs
  • Keeps baby close using 5 carrying positions
  • Slip sling off if baby falls asleep

Baby Bjorn

  • Starts at $60
  • Buckles and straps on in 10 steps
  • Buckles and straps used
  • Adjustments used on straps and front
  • Use for infant to 25 lbs
  • Keeps baby close using 2 carrying positions
  • Detach the front if baby falls asleep

Baby Bjorn carrier is a front-pack type of baby carrier that has two shoulder straps and a size adjustment buckle that the wearer uses to hold their baby. To put on, the wearer puts on the straps, adjusts the sliding buckle and attaches the sliding buckle clips on the straps to the sliding buckle on the front piece. The wearer then slides the slide latch to a groove on the strap. After that is adjusted, the infant can then be put in the carrier but with more adjustments needed; the carrier must slide the other side latch into the side latch groove and adjust the head and leg support straps.*

Like HugaMonkey, Baby Bjorn keeps your baby close but the wearer needs to ensure the adjustments are made correctly in the shoulder straps and front, according to the baby's weight, before wearing. If the baby falls asleep, the front is detached for the baby to be taken out and laid down. While holding the baby in the two positions, the baby's weight is distributed on the wearer’s neck, mid to upper back and shoulders.

A HugaMonkey baby sling is a single cut of soft, breathable fabric that the wearer slips on easily without the use of rings, buckles, snaps, clips or straps. While holding your baby in five different positions, the baby’s weight distributed to the wearer’s hip, along the back and outer shoulder. Getting a baby in and out (especially a sleeping baby) is a piece of cake; simply slip your sleeping baby off while in the sling and lay down.

The low end price for a classic Baby Bjorn is $60, while the classic Black HugaMonkey sling starts at $30. So go ahead, buy an extra sling or two and still feel great while you hug your monkey for less!

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*See ( for more information. Always read instructions before using a carrier or sling.

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