Are Baby Carriers Safe?

Are Baby Carriers Safe?

Over the past decade or so, there are have been baby sling carrier brands popping up all over the place. Babies are big business. From medical necessities, baby clothing, furniture, and accessories to baby food, diapers, diaper changing gear, baby travel, baby carrier slings and carriages, there's a ton of ways for companies to make money off you and your babies.

One of the newest inventions is the baby sling carriers. These are likely revolutionized concept from some very old ideas, like tribal papooses and packs that our ancestors used. The point of these is to be able to have your baby close to you without them actually getting in the way of your daily activities.

They truly are a heaven-sent idea for most baby mommies and daddies, and more and more people swear by their ease and practicality. You even see celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani, and Brooke Shields wearing and raving about their favorite brands.

Question is – Are they safe?

As with most products that are for sale, it depends on the brand. Since there are so many brands on the market, and more popping up all the time, you have to look at each brand and evaluate all the elements involved with each particular style.

There have been some deaths related to baby carrier slings. There have also been some recalls to certain brands because of faulty hardware. A Consumer Report cites some of the problems associated with baby slings. And new reports from the US Safety Division are saying they shouldn’t be used at all.

Safety depends on how baby carrier sling owners are using them. Again, as with most products on the market, you have to have some common sense and general alertness to how stuff is getting used.

Common Sense

Take plastic bags and take-out coffee, for instance. You'd think that it be plain common sense not to let your children put plastic bags over their head. Or that you have to use some care handling hot coffee. But, no, not everyone has a full tank when it comes to common sense, plus everyone has their "Doh" moments and forgets to think about the basics.

Now, plastic bags come with safety warnings to remind people not to put them over their head and try to breath. And most people remember the whole hot coffee fiasco, where someone decided that McDonalds was to blame for hot coffee burns because the hot coffee they got was indeed hot.

Ridiculous? You bet. But, now you have warnings, just in case you forget that hot can burn and plastic isn't an ideal facemask. Same thing with baby carrier slings. You have to follow the instructions – and check the little tot inside the sling to make sure all is well once in a while.

Naturally, you also want to make sure the brand you're perusing doesn't have a track record of faulty hardware, recalls, or function difficulty. And a good rule is – the more hardware involved, the higher the probability will be for things to go wrong.

HugaMonkey Baby Carrier Slings are simply one piece of fabric! No hardware, no dangling fabric pieces that hang about, and no assembly required that make these slings one of the safest on the market.

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