About HugaMonkey

It was May, 2002. My first baby, a gorgeous gal, graced us and I was given my first baby sling – a hand-me-down from some era past. The concept was fabulous. The execution was atrocious. It had padding around the sides, making it bulky and cumbersome. The rings and long tail were awkward and excessive. And the fabric was ug-ug-ugly! What’s a hot mama to do?

Being a master seamstress, I set to work and came up with a simple, pared-down pouch. No padding meant it could be tossed in the diaper bag. No rings or tail meant no adjusting or worry of slipping. And it was cute to boot! Friends and family began asking for them. Then came the perfect strangers! So I upped the ante.

Five years and nine production models later, the HugaMonkey baby sling is ready for you. With the guidance and support of my handsome hubby, Dylan, and the technological genius of my friend, Clint, we’ve worked our tails off to bring the HugaMonkey sling to the world. We will not lose sight of our founding values: quality, style, and cost.

Quality, I hope, goes without saying. We will not send you an inferior product. Our seams are four thread over-locked, and double reinforced. What does that mean? Tough stuff.

Style is the thing I’ve worked on most. I’ve watched moms spend 15 minutes winding yards and yards of fabric around their bodies to carry a baby. I’ve gotten my own “tail” stuck in doors and caught on handles. I long for simplicity! I created a tri-fold shoulder to both offer support and stay in place – no folding or adjusting. The curved seam keeps baby snug as a bug. And the fabrics are funky and fresh.

Cost is key. Go ahead, shop around. If you want a baby sling made of specialty imported silks and golden thread for 120 bucks, be my guest. I want slings that Grandma can buy for each of her lovely daughters. I want Mom and Dad both to be able to get the sling of their choice without breaking the bank. I want a HugaMonkey.

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